Who we are

St. Gotthard Fund Management is an independent wealth management company based in Switzerland. The company is managed by our partners with an extensive experience in the field of Wealth & Asset Management, both on the institutional and the client side. Founded upon the initiative of an ultra-high net worth individual who understood the critical importance of a genuinely client-oriented, long-term focus in investing as well as the lasting success of an alignment of interests, St. Gotthard Fund Management AG endorses the principles of transparency, trust and stability. Thanks to our independence, we are flexible to adapt to an ever-changing environment and varying client needs. We are convinced that the best way to manage our clients’ wealth is to invest their assets alongside our founders’.

What we do


St. Gotthard Fund Management offers discretionary asset management mandates to UHNW individuals and families. Understanding each individual client’s needs and requirements is the basis for our experienced team of professionals to then tailor a portfolio that suits their needs. Our extensive global network and full independence enable us to offer the best solutions for multi-asset class portfolios and also selected niche strategies.


St. Gotthard Fund Management is an asset manager specializing in alternative investment strategies through our Cayman Island SPC umbrella structure or with actively managed certificates (AMC) in Switzerland. Our experienced investment team focuses on delivering superior risk-adjusted performance for our clients through innovative investment strategies.


St. Gotthard Fund Management advises several direct investments held in our clients’ portfolios. Through our extensive global network, we have access to unique and highly attractive investment opportunities in private companies. As we typically co-invest our clients alongside our founders, management and partners, the interests of all parties involved are fully aligned.

Our Partners