About Us

St. Gotthard Fund Management is a finma-licensed independent wealth management company based in Switzerland. Founded by a group of experienced investment professionals, we aim to invest our client assets as we do our own.

Company history​

A group of experienced investment professionals founded the company with the purpose of offering modern and innovative wealth management in a quickly-changing environment where traditional approaches are set to underperform in the coming decade. The base question we wanted to address: How do we invest our own money in such an environment and how can we scale this approach to serve our clientele, by offering to invest in exactly the same way as we manage our own assets?

We set up our headquarters in Zug and started operations in late 2019, supported with venture capital from a Cyprus-based investment company.

Very early on, we have entered into co-operation with a number of high-quality corporate partners in services that can be outsourced, such as compliance and tax & accounting services, giving us the time to dedicate our focus on investments and the development of client relationships. Co-operations with partners demonstrating a proven track record and superior quality in the field of investments have also been developed, giving our clients and ourselves access to successful niche strategies.

Thanks to our network of experienced advisors, among Switzerland in Dubai and the UK, we have a wide geographical reach when it comes to servicing our clients. We work with prime custody banks in Switzerland and are looking to expand the jurisdictions of our custody banks.



Thought of "How do we change the way our money is being managed?"


Idea generation of STGFM: manage our money, offering to do the same with our clients' assets


Quonota Investments Ltd. provides the venture capital for our business in becoming majority shareholder


Incorporation of St. Gotthard Fund Management AG (STGFM)


Co-operation with Swisscomply, a leading specialist in regulatory and legal compliance


Starting operations within premises at Gotthardstrasse 14 in Zug,


Service-level agreement with Quonota Investments on digital assets


Christian Tanner takes over role as Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Onboarding of first client at STGFM’s wealth management services (discretionary mandate)


Launch of our first AMC: Swiss Enhanced Dividend Strategy (SEDS)


Inaugural launch of STGFM’s Cayman-based crypto fund (DAIG)


Co-operation with Sussex Partners, an experienced hedge fund advisory company with a global presence


Daniel Egger takes over role as Chief Investment Officer (CIO)


Tim Fox joins as economic advisor in Dubai


Implementation of Assetmax portfolio management system


Going live with our innovative wealth management style that we call “the bucket approach”


Co-operation with Silex Partners


Our crypto fund DAIG reaches USD 10m in Assets under Management


Launch of Crypto Tracker Certificate with IS Partners


Obtained Finma license as a portfolio manager


Launch of new website

Our Philosophy

Trust lies at the heart of wealth management. We try to earn our clients’ trust by investing transparently into the different asset classes, reducing tail risk and aligning our own interests with those of our clients. We believe in the values of transparency, honesty, and a constant focus on high quality service provision.

By investing alongside the company’s partners and its management, our clients benefit from their extensive experience and knowledge of global financial markets. Thanks to our innovative wealth management setup, each individual client’s investment portfolio is tailored to his/her own special needs and requirements. Furthermore, we offer niche investment strategies where we have an advantage over our competitors, thanks to our experience in traditional markets and broad network in the digital assets space.


Investment management lies at the core of our team‘s experience, with two seasoned investment heads of mid-sized Swiss private banks covering the traditional asset classes, and a strong research capability as well as a wide network in the digital asset space.

Each individual has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry, with numerous reputable employers in Switzerland and abroad. We are an international team with strong roots in Switzerland.


St. Gotthard Fund Management is always interested in talking to highly motivated financial professionals with existing experience in investment management, private equity, multi-family office services and digital assets sector.

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