Inaugural AMC launch 2 years ago

St. Gotthard Fund Management launches new actively managed certificate (AMC).

St. Gotthard Fund Management AG is pleased to announce the launch of its Swiss Enhanced Dividend Strategy AMC in USD.

The Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) focuses on generating periodic cash flows and stable returns over time with lower volatility compared to the broad stock market. The strategy aims to benefit from three different sources of return. The core portfolio is invested in liquid, high-quality Swiss equities that pay attractive dividends. To reduce the volatility of the strategy, a covered call strategy is implemented as an overlay to the portfolio, either by selling index calls or by shorting single stock calls directly. Depending on market sentiment, long index put positions are opportunistically used in order to protect the portfolio from major drawdowns. The strategy may furthermore use short puts to build up positions in the underlying stocks in order to benefit from specific market conditions. By fully hedging the currency risk, the strategy takes advantage of the current positive interest rate differential between USD and CHF, thus harnessing the third source of return.

The strategy is operated by a team of professionals with a long track record of managing money. The team managed the investment strategy already very successfully for more than 3 years. Past areas of expertise include Hedge Funds, Forex, fixed income and equities. The team is composed of alumni from Credit Suisse, Falcon Private Bank and Citigroup and has a combined experience in investment management of over four decades.

For further information on the strategy and how to subscribe, please contact:

Tel +41 41 544 91 20 /

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