St. Gotthard Strategies

The St. Gotthard Fund Management family of fund offerings aims to provide investors with ample options to increase alpha of their portfolios via alternative investment strategies. In addition to our fund offering, we have teamed up with renowned Swiss and international banks to offer some strategies in the form of ‘actively managed certificates’ (AMC).


The St. Gotthard Fund Management – Digital Asset Income & Growth Fund (SPC) is the inaugural strategy of the company. The investment objective of the Digital Asset Income & Growth Fund is to provide investors with a regular cashflow by investing predominantly in a portfolio of worldwide income generating digital assets, with a portfolio target yield above that of traditional financial assets. For more information about the fund, please visit

Tailor-made Funds

St. Gotthard Fund Management, through its Cayman Island SPC umbrella structure, offers tailor-made fund solutions upon request. Based on the investment profiles and objectives of our clients, we develop tailor-made strategies on an exclusive basis.


St. Gotthard Fund Management, partnering with UBS Group, offers to invest in a proven strategy in Swiss equities, with the aim of profiting from exposure to a suite of premium Swiss stocks, while aiming to reduce overall volatility via the continuous writing of covered call options.