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House View: October 2022

03 October, 2022

Bye-bye Goldilocks Gone are the days of Goldilocks, when the economy was neither running too hot nor too cold, and fears of deflation outweighing any monetarist ‘inflation scaremongering’. The current regime change after decades of easy monetary policy seems brutal. Or are we witnessing only a temporary bout of price rises, soon to be reined […]

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Our new website

18 August, 2022

St. Gotthard Fund Management launches their new website!

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08 July, 2022

House View: July 2022

Financial markets do not like sudden change, but what we have experienced in the past half year are the most seismic ...
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31 May, 2022

Our CIO in the WSJ

Our CIO, Daniel Egger spoke with Joe Wallace from the Wall Street Journal on the current situation on financial ...
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28 April, 2022

House View: April 2022

With the first quarter of 2022 now behind us, and more than a month of military activity in central Europe of a scale ...
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28 March, 2022

Insight on the age of volatility

Everything flows, they used to say in Ancient Greece; however the degree of change that we have witnessed in the past ...
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