Strategic partnership with Assetmax AG 1 year ago

St. Gotthard Fund Management is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Assetmax AG!

Assetmax provides a leading software platform for wealth managers, family offices and banks with integrated multi custody portfolio management, client relationship management, invoicing and reporting.

By teaming up with a software provider that has proven its capability in driving forward technological progress in the fast-changing wealth management business world, St. Gotthard Fund Management is now positioned to provide its clients the highest service quality when it comes to reporting and portfolio consolidation tasks. Thanks to the technological support from Assetmax, St. Gotthard Fund Management is now well positioned to address the changing regulatory environment.

About Assetmax AG:

Assetmax was founded in 2013 by expert practitioners in wealth management, asset management and IT. Assetmax employs more than 30 specialists in its offices in Lugano and Zurich and serves 60 clients (independent asset managers, family offices, institutionals and banks), making it the leading Swiss platform for Swiss independent asset managers.

Assetmax’ mission is to design the most complete, modern and intuitive software platform for wealth managers. One priority is to relieve its clients from repetitive, automatable work. The company also helps its clients stay up to date with technological and regulatory changes.

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