Our Philosophy

Viewed against traditional providers of private banking services, our 100% independence allows us to focus purely on the needs of our clients. By investing our clients’ wealth alongside our founders’ nest eggs, it is ensured that interests are perfectly aligned.

Our goal is not to deliver superior investment performance on an absolute level, but superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk. Above-average returns in good times are not necessarily proof of a manager’s skill; it takes superior performance during times of volatility on financial markets in order to produce evidence that skill was the reason for the good results, not simply the acceptance of above-average risk. Thus, rather than merely looking for potential profits, we place the highest priority on preventing losses. It is our overarching belief – especially considering the opportunistic, volatile and not always seemingly rational financial markets in which we work – that “if we avoid the losers, the winners will take care of themselves.”

Oscillating between top-quartile results in good years and bottom-quartile results in bad years is not acceptable to us. It is our belief that a superior record is best built on a high batting average rather than a mix of brilliant successes and dismal failures.

Understanding each individual client’s overall financial situation is the basis for determining the optimal asset allocation to ensure preservation and growth of our client’s assets. Our experienced investment specialists fully customize the client’s portfolio, based on the needs and requirements that need to be fulfilled. Thanks to our far-reaching global network as well as our full independence, we are enabled to offer the best solutions for every asset class.

In addition to multi-asset class solutions as a whole, we also offer our clients access to some unique investment strategies which may be combined to deliver a steadier source of return with low correlations to traditional financial market strategies.

Thanks to our global network of partners, we can count on the insights and investment competence of tested and proven asset managers as well as experienced asset class-specialists. St. Gotthard Fund Management will always take the final decision when it comes to investments for our clients, however.

We are a Swiss-based company with a blend of international professionals and Swiss citizens working for our clients’ best interests. It is our aim to provide services for our clients that reflect the high standards of “Swiss Quality”.