We aim to onboard three times faster 1 year ago

Citywire’s, article throws light on STGFM’s focus on a smooth onboarding process.

We founded STGFM because we believe there is a need for a different approach to wealth management. At the heart of what we do is our strong alignment to our clients’ best interest as well as our innovative approach to investing across traditional and non-traditional asset classes.

Wealth management is also about trust and experience, and this starts at the very beginning of our conversation with you, our clients. This is why we have invested time and resources, with the help of highly regulated compliance partners, in developing a fast and seamless onboarding process without compromising on our commitment to the highest industry standards. Read more (behind paywall) about our approach in this Citywire interview with our co-founders Vladimir Vishnevskiy and Stefan Bollhalder.

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