November 15, 2021

Andreas holds a Ph.D in Energy Harvesting from the University of Southampton as well as an MEng in Electromechanical Engineering. Andreas has over ten years track record in operational management positions for both corporate and educational entities in the UK. This has provided him with hands on experience of setting up organisations, project management, operational and budget planning as well as building strong business acumen that is key to the project evaluation work performed by the investment team. He has been actively involved in the crypto industry since 2015. During the early stages, he started building mining rigs using his technical engineering skills and by developing his skill set further, he was providing trainings and consultations in investment strategies, at many aspects of the cryptocurrency sector. Thereafter, his strong analytical skills, critical thinking, as well as his in-depth data analysis and modelling capabilities, helped him to successfully run numerous different crypto strategies using his own funds, up until 2018 when he joined Quonota Investments Ltd and then St. Gotthard Fund Management in 2019. Andreas monitors the sector very closely and firmly believes that blockchain will be part of our daily life very soon, with keen interest in its technical aspects and implementations.